Female genital plastic surgery is also called labiaplasty. Sydney women can take advantage of this procedure, which falls under aesthetic gynecology. Plastic surgeons and gynecologist can perform this procedure. This delicate surgery, which is comparable to rhinoplasty, can be obtained by ladies who are not satisfied with the state or shape of their genital area.

Labiaplasty is still a budding medical category and many women do not know that such procedure exists. Those who have obtained this procedure would say that it has positively affected their mental state. They would also attest to the many benefits that it has brought to their private life and quality of lifestyle.

Different Types Of Labiaplasty

This procedure focuses on the labia minora, which are two skin folds that are found under the labia majora. Its size and color vary from one woman to another. There are about 70 different looks for the labia minora and they range between nearly invisible and big enough to cause discomfort.

Plastic Gynecology

The first type is the plastic gynecology procedure. This deals with the aesthetics of the labia minora. It removes deformity issues. This would also get rid of other unpleasant limits that may hinder her from doing activities that she likes. If you decide to get this surgery, you need to visit a surgeon for a consultation. You will both discuss things like the possibilities, imaginations, and expectations about the procedure.

After the consultation, you will have regular a few examinations before the surgery. Once those are done, then you will proceed with the surgery. It will be performed gently to avoid damaging any tissue, keep the level of sensitivity, and conceal the scars in the skin folds. After the surgery is finished, you need to keep a strict hygiene on your private part. It is best to keep it free from garment for the first few days following the surgery. You should also avoid sitting for longer periods of time and avoid having sex for weeks. Although there will only be minor pain, you will experience some soreness. The wounds will heal after three weeks but, you should start being sexually active after six weeks.

General Labiaplasty

The general labiaplasty procedure is far more complicated than the first one. It will solve any deformity, particularly those that are complicated and hereditary. This includes cases wherein the labia minora are formed with many skinfolds and a mucous membrane. The procedure may last for up to 90 minutes and conducted in general anesthesia. Its recovery period is similar to the first type of labiaplasty and does not call for any kind of special treatment.

Other Procedures

There are other procedures done to this intimate part of the body. These are the labia major augmentation, vaginal opening surgery, and hymenoplasty. Women who have damaged or loose tissues after giving birth can obtain these procedures. They bring several benefits like improving the level of satisfaction. The recovery period is about two weeks and sexual activities should commence only after six weeks.

All those who wish to have any of these surgeries must consult with their plastic and gynecologic surgeon. They will be advised with the best methods to use, what the procedure will entail, and identify any possible contraindications.